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A Gentle, Healing Art and Approach to Wellbeing


A Beautiful Practice

Quantum physics has proven that all things are energy, and energy is all things. Reiki works with a person’s energy field, or body, to energize, clear blockages, balance and harmonize. Reiki is energy; some describe it as a universal life force energy while others describe it as spiritual energy. A Reiki practitioner acts as a conduit of this energy to serve his/her client’s highest good.

At Graceful, a Reiki appointment is an intuitive healing session. During your appointment, Leslie will evaluate where you’re at energetically. She will obtain information on your behalf about life events, behavior patterns, trauma and emotional wounding that have resulted in heavy energy being stored in your body, or negative thought patterns that are keeping you stuck or struggling. Heavy energy will be cleared, blockages removed and beautiful, light energy channeled to create space for you to move forward and/or build momentum in your life. Leslie will provide you with strategies to help you maintain an elevated state of wellbeing.

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Set Your Intention

There are 7 major chakras in a human being. Each chakra spins like a vortex and can move freely, become sticky or even stuck. A person’s physical and emotional wellbeing are closely tied to the health of their chakras. During a treatment, the chakras are evaluated and Reiki energy is directed by the practitioner.

If you agree and prior to your treatment, crystals that help to clear and move energy will be placed on 1 or more of your chakra.

To conclude, you will be invited to engage in a sound bath. Tibetan singing bowls are used to create the vibrational frequencies that resonate with and align the chakras. It is a beautiful experience.



Balance Your Life

Healing is a dynamic process in which the client is an active participant. The movement of energy that results from a Reiki treatment can bring about new or greater insights and understandings, and can release emotions and pain resulting in a greater sense of

peace and wellbeing. Invest in yourself.

Live Gracefully.

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Managing aches and pains is an every day challenge for many seniors. Joint and arthritic pain can sometimes also contribute to problems sleeping at night. Some seniors have trouble sleeping through the night for other reasons. Once established as a pattern, issues with sleeping can contribute to  concentration, memory and coordination difficulties.


Finding alternatives to taking more medications can be challenging. Reiki provides a safe and gentle treatment option to seniors looking for a compliment to their current medical therapies. Reiki has been used to address many issues including joint and muscle pain, insomnia, stress and anxiety. It can bring comfort, relaxation, increased energy, a sense of wellbeing and harmony,

as well as an increased quality of life. 

While touch is not required, Reiki is traditionally provided using a gentle, laying on of hands. It is not massage and the client remains fully dressed. For comfort, treatment can be provided with the client sitting or lying down. For many seniors, the Reiki session itself  promotes feelings of safety, love and connection.

For seniors unable to navigate a trip to the clinic, treatment may be provided in their home or in a long term care facility in Cochrane. To learn more about this service and to discuss if this is an option, click on the Get in Touch button below.

Leslie is fully vaccinated for COVID and the flu. She is happy to wear a mask, if requested.



The goal of palliative care is to ease the pain, distress and anxiety that often accompanies end-stage disease. Death and the process of dying is natural. At end-of life, it is time to unwind connections to this physical plane, to release the emotions that confine, restrict and limit growth, and to forgive and let go of the past so that moving onward is unrestricted.

Used in the months, weeks and days preceding death, Reiki can help alleviate and lessen the distressful side effects of treatments and the symptoms of illness. Reiki can assist in the release of pain and emotion, leading to healing and peace.


Reiki can be provided in the palliative care setting in the home or long term care facility in Cochrane. To learn more about this service and to discuss if this is an option, click on the Get in Touch button below.

Again, Leslie is fully vaccinated for COVID and flu and will happily wear a mask, if requested.

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