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Tree Agate and Cedar Healing Bracelet

Tree Agate and Cedar Healing Bracelet

SKU: TAC_15012022


Grounding & Resilience / Root & Heart Chakra


Tree agate is deeply connected to mother earth, bringing all of the energies of nature. A stone of presence, it reduces fear, guilt and anxiety by helping the wearer release, detach and step into the present moment. The calm energy of this stone helps to restore balance and brings strength and resilience. Tree agate is a beautiful stone to cleanse mind and body. It is a stone of abundance.



Healing / Root Chakra


Cedar is known for strength, versatility and its powerful healing properties. Fundamental to the spiritual practices of many cultures over thousands of years, cedar continues to be a sacred and ceremonial element. Frequently burned as incense, cedar is used to amplify prayer, aids in receiving visions and blessings. Cedar is incredibly grounding and is the spiritual guide and teacher that keeps us on the right path.


    - This bracelet is hand made with love & intention! Your bracelet will be created just for you with carefully selected stones and elements that compliment each other in color and characteristics. Your bracelet will be 100% unique.


    -  Bead size is 8mm. You will receive crystal and earth element description cards with your purchase.


    - Note that the number of beads used for each bracelet will change with the length of bracelet ordered. 


    -  This bracelet is strung using stretchy bead & jewelry cord. It has been fortified with a second cord and jewelry glue was used to secure the knot. You will receive a bracelet care card with your purchase. Each bracelet is made with great care and attention to detail. Please note that it is still possible to break the cord and damage the crystals with improper handling.


    Measure your wrist for the best fit, keeping the measuring tape as close to your hand as possible. No measuring tape? Try using a piece of string to measure your wrist then lay the string out on a ruler. Standard practice is to add 1/2 inch to your actual wrist measurement to determine your bracelet size. For a looser fit, you can choose to add more than 1/2 inch (e.g. 3/4 to 1 inch). When ordering your bracelet, add your wrist measurement PLUS the 1/2 - 1 inch to calculate your bracelet size. Select this final measurement in the drop down-list.


    - If you are unable to measure your wrist or are purchasing a bracelet as a gift, the following measurements are provided as a guide only. 


    Child (9-13 years old)

    5.1 to 5.5 inches

    (12.9 to 13.9 cm)

    6 inches


    Average women's size

    6.3 inches

    (16 cm)

    7 inches


    Average men's size

    6.7 inches

    (17 cm)

    7.5 inches


    7.1 inches

    (18 cm)

    8 inches


    7.5 inches

    (19.1 cm)

    8.5 inches


    8.2 - 8.5 inches

    (20.8 to 21.6 cm)

    9 inches



    Order / Dispatch / Delivery

    Once your order has been placed, your bracelet will be made especially for you - please allow up to 72 hours from order to dispatch. You will be notified as soon as your parcel has posted. Parcels are shipped every Wednesday and Saturday.

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